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Geodesic Systems Pty Ltd is a software engineering consulting company specialising in the provision of software engineering and management services to the defence, security and aerospace industries.

Geodesic Systems has been operating since 1995 and has provided specialist engineering services to such clients as Raytheon, SaabSystems, BAE Systems, Rocksoft, Quantum corporation and Simbiant Pty Ltd.

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Contact information

Phone: +61 412 283 366

Managing Director and Principal Technical Officer

Peter Cassidy

Peter Cassidy

Mobile: +61 412 283 366

Peter Cassidy has 30 years experience in the software industry, specialising in the design, development and verification of embedded and native real-time systems, largely in the defence, electronic warfare, aerospace, communications security and storage fields.

Peter has extensive experience with procedures, languages and systems, with software engineering principles and the civil and military standards that apply to them. He has broad experience in the management and development of all phases of the software lifecycle as a team leader, team member, project manager and consultant.

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Read the company resumé. See references from Hughes Aircraft, Raytheon and BAE Systems.

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